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Are you ready for the Sports Festival?!😎👌

Good day Grade 2 parents and everyone!!!😍🙌
We are getting ready for our upcoming Sports festival here on our Gojo campus🎉🎉🎉

Everyone is trying their BEST for the Sports festival!!

Wow, what a week it has been… I’m sure some of the students may complain about muscle aches when they come home! 😉 They have been putting a lot of effort into their dance practice this week and they have improved a great deal compared to last week. We are excited to show you our final dance on Saturday morning. 🕺💃

This week we also worked on the last parts of our UOI, everyone gave their comments on how they experienced it. Students will receive their reports to be taken home in the following weeks. ✅

The weather has been getting a lot colder. Most students still enjoy playing outside and some have started bringing their jackets to school. Due to the change in weather, it might be good for students to bring sweaters and jackets to the campus as the mornings and evenings are starting to get pretty cold. ❄️

We are all looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning, let’s hope for a sunny, beautiful, and warm morning! ☀️🎽