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Grade 1 Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower.

Hello everyone, I hope that you are doing well. Its been blazing hot lately, but I guess that’s a reminder to drink lots of water. The students have been hard at work, learning about the parts of a flower and their functions. We also did the same with the parts and functions of a tree. We began swimming lessons recently, as that’s also been quite fun for the students. The students enjoyed some time raiding the raspberry tree, as we picked a few raspberry.

The grade 1 students have been studying about flowers, and the different parts of a flower. The way that the students have been able to grasp the concepts and the functions of the parts of the flower, which are the roots, stem, leaves, and the flower.

We also studied the parts of a tree and the functions of these parts. The students had a tree puzzle, which they had to label and also write about what these different parts do.

We’ve began swimming lessons, and its been really fun. Of course, having hot weather just makes it that much more exciting. The student’s swimming skills have been really good and I’ve been impressed.

We had the chance of going to a raspberry tree that is in the school, from which we picked a few raspberries. They are quite delicious and the students were looking forward to making raspberry jam at home. I hope that was a success for them.

Thank you very much, stay cool and take care!