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Hello, dear all! How have you been? We hope you’re having a wonderful month so far. Let’s dive into this month’s news and celebrate our achievements together.

The posters, created by our talented students, vividly illustrate the detrimental effects of plastic on our planet.This initiative not only educates the school community on the importance of reducing plastic consumption but also encourages active participation in protecting our environment. The creativity and passion reflected in these posters serve as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard Earth for future generations.

Reading in the library offers students a quiet and focused environment to immerse themselves in a world of knowledge and imagination. Surrounded by a vast collection of books, students can explore new subjects, discover different cultures, and expand their vocabulary.

Participating in a rice planting experience offers students a hands-on opportunity to connect with the agricultural heritage of our region. During this immersive activity, students learn about the lifecycle of rice, from planting seedlings in the muddy paddies to caring for the crop as it matures.

Museums also spark curiosity and critical thinking as students ask questions, analyze information, and draw connections between the exhibits and their academic studies. Moreover, these visits often inspire creativity and a deeper appreciation for different perspectives, making learning more memorable and meaningful.

Welcome to Unit 2 of “How the World Works,” where we delve into the fascinating world of botany. Botany, the scientific study of plants, is crucial for understanding our planet’s ecosystems and the role plants play in sustaining life on Earth. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, plants are integral to our daily lives. In this unit, we’ll explore the basics of botany, including plant anatomy, physiology, reproduction, and their importance in our ecosystem.

Welcoming kindergarteners to our school was a joyous occasion filled with warmth and excitement. During their visit, we aimed to create a nurturing and inviting environment where these young learners could explore our facilities, meet caring teachers, and engage in fun activities that ignite their curiosity.

We are pleased to announce the commencement of our swimming lessons, which have been met with great enthusiasm. The hot weather has provided an ideal backdrop, making these sessions even more enjoyable.

In this unit, we will delve into the fascinating realm of botany, where we uncover the secrets of plants and their vital roles in our ecosystem. From understanding photosynthesis to exploring plant diversity and adaptations, get ready to cultivate your curiosity and deepen your appreciation for the green world around us.

Happy Birthday, Wakana!

We hope your special day is filled with joy, laughter, and wonderful memories. May this year bring you happiness, success, and all the things that make you smile. Enjoy your celebration and have a fantastic birthday!

Having parents join our classroom to participate in activities has been a truly enriching experience for everyone involved. Their presence brings a sense of community and support, allowing students to see their learning environment through the eyes of their family members.

Warm regards

Fatemeh Azam Mofidi (ROSA)