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G2 – Green thumb

The Grade 2 students prepared for their vegetable garden project. This hands-on activity was perfectly connected to their current unit on plant life and sustainability.

The young gardeners set out on a mission to collect materials for their garden design. They looked around the school grounds, searching for the perfect twigs and small branches. Some students found sturdy sticks to mark the boundaries of their plots, while others collected softer, more pliable twigs to create decorative borders.

The spirit of cooperation filled the air as the children worked together. They shared their findings, exchanged ideas, and helped each other carry armfuls of wooden treasures back to the classroom. The students giggled and chatted excitedly about the vegetables they hoped to grow.
Planning and Designing
Back in the classroom, the students were divided into two groups to plan the design of their garden using a draft drawing. We also used pebbles to add extra details to their designs.

As they worked, the children discussed the needs of different plants, recalling lessons about sunlight, water, and soil. We moved from group to group, offering encouragement and gentle guidance.

They knew that soon, they would be planting real seeds and watching them grow into the vegetables they had carefully planned.
This project is aimed to cultivate teamwork, creativity, and a love for nature.
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