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G1- A Rosy Week

Hello, ISN family!

Hope you are enjoying the roses in full bloom this week. Before we talk about our rosy week, we first would like you to know about the things we did inside and outside the classroom.

This was taken during our morning meeting’s show and tell. Our classmate brought some interesting things this week. We have an origamis, claydoh, and a stretchy chicken. They first talked about what the items are before showing it to everyone in class.

This is the end of Unit 1 so we also tried to finish our unit reflection about relationships. We all did well because everyone was able to accomplish the task on time!

We ended Unit 1 with all the short vowels so we had a short review and tried to answer it on our own. Some needs more practice at home and the others got perfect scores. Next week we will start with the long vowel sounds.

The highlight of our week was a visit to a rose garden! It was so beautiful! and there were so many visitors. We enjoyed our time strolling, looking at the colorful roses, and even smelling it, too. The day was just perfect because it was sunny. Hope you get to visit a rose garden near your place. Please enjoy while it lasts.

For our end of unit UOI activity we planted peonies. It’s because just like the flowers, we wanted ouur relationships to be beautiful. We also wanted to be the reason while people are smiling and happy. We hope our peonies will bloom soon! This will remind us to also be beautiful inside and out!

Here we are practicing our action song to be presented on Friday.

Finally, we learned compund words this week. We did it with our team and tried to answer some sompund words using pictures. Now, we know what compund wirds are and we can even give you some exmaples.

Thank you for reading our blog. Until nex time ISN fam!