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Grade 1 Natural world!

Hello everybody, I hope that you have all been well and keeping yourselves cool. The heat is not letting up. The grade 1 class have begun a new unit, that’s about nature. We’ve only had a few activities to start the unit. ISN’s preschool visited Gojo campus and played some games with grade 1, and we had the chance to visit the Rose Garden this week.

We began unit 2, ‘Nature,’ this week. The class started things off by having a discussion on nature and this was a way of collecting the knowledge that the students have of nature. It was also a way for students to create their own lines of inquiry. We used the brainstorming session to collect what the students would like to learn about in nature.

We had some very interesting discussions, such as what is nature? What is not nature? What is the human body made of? So these are some of the topics that we will look to cover in unit 2.

The grade 1 students had visitors from preschool, and we played a game of animal charades which was really fun and interesting for the students. It was a real competition as the students gave it their best to act out the animals on the charade cards.

The school nurse, Ms. Katie also had a lesson with grade 1 on the importance of taking care of our bodies. This was key for the students in understanding their own bodies. The students learned things such body hygiene, and privacy, that is relevant to grade 1. The students enjoyed and appreciated the lesson very much.

The week concludes with a little bus trip to the Rose Garden. The students will play a scavenger hunt game, and an extra drawing activity. I look forward to that. Have a good weekend, and a better week. Take care and stay cool!