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ISN Student Assembly 2024 A Day in the Life: School Assembly at ISN Gojo

School assemblies are a cornerstone of the educational experience, providing a platform for students to come together, share achievements, and foster a sense of community. At an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) school, assemblies take on a unique character, reflecting the program’s emphasis on inquiry-based learning, international-mindedness, and holistic development. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a school assembly at an IB PYP school so special.

Setting the Stage

The assembly hall buzzes with excitement as students, teachers, and staff gather. The atmosphere is one of anticipation and unity, as everyone prepares to celebrate the achievements and milestones of the past month. We started with a morning exercise which was led by G2 (2nd Assembly) and MS (3rd Assembly).

Opening Ceremony

The assembly begins with a warm welcome from the principal or a student leader. This is often followed by a moment of reflection or mindfulness, setting a positive and focused tone for the gathering. In keeping with the IB PYP’s emphasis on international-mindedness, the opening ceremony may include a greeting in multiple languages, acknowledging the diverse backgrounds of the students.

Student-Led Presentations

One of the highlights of an IB PYP school assembly is the student-led presentations. These presentations are a testament to the program’s commitment to student agency and voice. Students from different grades take turns presenting their projects, sharing their learning journeys, and reflecting on their experiences. Whether it’s a group of first graders showcasing their inquiry into the life cycle of butterflies or fifth graders presenting their research on global water issues, the presentations are always engaging and informative. Additionally, performances by the school choir, dance troupe, or drama club add a creative flair to the proceedings, showcasing the diverse talents of the student body.

Celebrating Achievements/Students of the Month (May & June)

Recognizing and celebrating achievements is a key component of the assembly. This can range from academic accomplishments to acts of kindness and community service. Awards and certificates are handed out, and students are encouraged to applaud their peers’ efforts. This not only boosts individual confidence but also fosters a culture of appreciation and mutual respect. Here are photos of our students of the month for May and June.

Reflection and Closing

As the assembly draws to a close, there is often a moment of reflection. Students and teachers are encouraged to think about the themes and messages shared during the assembly and how they can apply them in their daily lives. The school leaders offered some closing remarks, reinforcing the values of the IB PYP and setting a positive tone for the rest of the day.


Our school assembly is more than just a routine gathering; it is a celebration of learning, community, and growth. It embodies the principles of the IB PYP, fostering a sense of international-mindedness, student agency, and holistic development. Through student-led presentations, recognition of achievements, and engaging performances, the assembly serves as a microcosm of the vibrant and dynamic learning environment that defines an IB PYP school.