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A Memorable Day: Preschool Students Visit ISN Gojo


The excitement was palpable as our elementary school prepared to welcome a group of curious preschool students. This visit was more than just a field trip; it was an opportunity to introduce these young minds to the world of inquiry-based learning and to give them a glimpse of what lies ahead in their educational journey. Here’s a recap of this memorable day.

Welcoming the Little Explorers

The day began with a warm welcome from our Supervisor and PYP Coordinator. The preschoolers, accompanied by their teachers, were greeted with cheerful smiles. Each child received a stamp card as small welcome gift, setting the tone for a day filled with fun and learning.

A Tour of the School

Our PYP Coodinator and Supervisor led the preschoolers on a guided tour of the school. The tour included stops at the library, nurse room, staff room, Sky room, and playground. At each stop, the preschoolers had the chance to engage in hands-on activities:

  • Library: The children listened to a captivating story read by our librarian and explored a variety of picture books.
  • Nurse Room: They listened to the school nurse about the things they can find in the nurse room and how she can help the students at school.
  • Staff Room: The young visitors talked to some teachers and asked questions about their daily work.
  • Playground: The preschoolers enjoyed some free playtime, making new friends and exploring the playground equipment.

Interactive Classroom Experience

One of the highlights of the visit was the interactive classroom experience. The preschoolers joined our elementary students in their classrooms, where they participated in age-appropriate activities designed to spark their curiosity and creativity. These activities included:

  • Sing and Dance: The children acted out their favorite songs, fostering their imagination and communication skills.
  • Board Games: Simple, fun board games helped the preschoolers develop their numeracy skills in an engaging way.
  • Art and Craft Projects: Collaborative art projects allowed the preschoolers to express themselves and work together with their new friends.

Lunchtime Fun

Lunchtime was a delightful experience as the preschoolers joined our elementary students in the playground. They enjoyed a healthy, kid-friendly meal and had the chance to socialize with their new friends. The playground buzzed with laughter and chatter, creating a sense of community and belonging.

Closing Ceremony

Our school leaders thanked the preschoolers, and their teachers for joining us and expressed hope that this visit would be the first of many steps in their educational journey.

Reflections and Farewells

As the preschoolers boarded their buses to head back to their school, there were smiles all around. The day had been a wonderful blend of learning, exploration, and fun. Our elementary students and staff were equally delighted to have had the opportunity to share their school and the IB PYP experience with these young visitors.


The visit of the preschool students to our IB PYP elementary school was a resounding success. It not only provided the preschoolers with a glimpse of what lies ahead but also reinforced the values of curiosity, collaboration, and lifelong learning that are at the heart of the IB PYP. We look forward to welcoming more young explorers in the future and continuing to inspire the next generation of learners. We hope you enjoyed reading about this special day. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our IB PYP program, please feel free to contact us. Stay tuned for more updates and stories from our vibrant school community!