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Day 1: Morning Meetings with Ms. Phoebe

Hello, everyone! Today is the first day of Grade 3’s morning meeting with Ms. Phoebe.

Grade 3 students, Ms. Phoebe, and Sir Ezra started their day with an engaging and refreshing morning meeting at the foot of a mountain. This unique setting provided a relaxing and cool environment for the children to connect and share their experiences

The session began with students sharing activities from the previous day and night, fostering a sense of community and allowing them to practice their communication skills

This sharing time is an essential part of morning meetings, helping students feel heard and valued within their classroom community. As the conversation flowed, the children discussed their extracurricular interests, focusing on sports and musical instruments

Some interesting patterns emerged:

  • Several students discovered they attend the same soccer practice location, potentially strengthening their bonds outside the classroom
  • Many children demonstrated diverse talents, with some playing multiple musical instruments or participating in various sports
  • The natural setting inspired creativity among the students. While some chose to engage in conversation, others were drawn to artistic expression:
  • A group of students took out their sketchbooks and began drawing the surrounding nature, honing their observational and artistic skills
  • Some children found entertainment in playing with bamboo scattered around the area, showcasing their imaginative play

This outdoor morning meeting exemplifies the benefits of combining nature with learning experiences. It provided a calm and inspiring environment for students to start their day, promoting relaxation and fostering a positive atmosphere

This approach to morning meetings aligns with best practices for building classroom community and encouraging student engagement. By taking the session outdoors and allowing for various forms of participation – from verbal sharing to artistic expression and play – she created an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all students

This type of morning routine can have lasting positive effects throughout the school day, improving classroom dynamics, increasing student motivation, and creating a more cohesive learning environment

It’s an excellent example of how educators can use creative approaches to enhance the traditional morning meeting format and make it more engaging for their students.

Thank you for reading our blog! Happy weekend!