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Tuition and Fees

Elementary/Middle school 2025 – 2026

Item Fee/Tuition Collection Period Details
Entrance registration fee 30,000yen
Please note that no refunds will be made for cancellation of enrollment after payment.
Monthly payment 98,000yen
End of previous month
Tuition may be paid monthly or annually. In the case of annual payment, payment for the following year must be made at the end of March.
Bank transfer fee 165yen
Lunch 8,000yen/month
End of previous month
Equipment maintenance and system management costs 100,000 yen/year
Once in a year, previous fiscal year March
No refunds will be made after delivery.
Bus 0~4,000 yen/one-way/month
End of previous month
Late pick-up after 17:00 Gojo campus
Pick-up after 18:30 at Shimauchi Campus
Next month
Please be punctual for pick-up.
If your child is not picked up by 17:00 at the Gojo campus or 18:30 at the Shimauchi campus, you will be charged an extra fee for every 10 minutes they are not picked up.
EAL 2,500yen/1 lesson
Withdrawal in the following two months
For children who are enrolled in the middle of the school year and need support in English, until they reach the score/level required by the school. Enrollment required.

Others 2025 – 2026

Item Fee/Tuition Collection Period Details
Chromebook Current value/piece From the Grade1
Replacement underwear 400yen/1piece
Withdrawal in the next month
If students need to change their underwear, they will be required to purchase new ones for hygiene reasons.
Reading folder Current value/piece
Withdrawal in the next month

Afterschool programme 2025 – 2026

Siblings attending ISN are eligible for the following discounts on tuition for the second and subsequent children.
*Sibling discounts do not apply to those who are using the special campaign price.
The discount does not apply to expenses other than tuition and facilities/system management fees (e.g., bus fare to and from school, extended day care, etc.).
Please understand this beforehand.

Sibling Discount

For ISN elementary and junior high school students after school, we will provide Japanese language after-school care.
Paid childcare services will be provided separately.*Please ask the office for more details.

ISN Pre-School, ISN Elementary School

second child Third child and onwards
Siblings enrolled at ISN Preschool at the same time 30% discount on tuition 40% discount on tuition
Siblings enrolled in ISN Elementary School and ISN Preschool 15% discount on tuition 20% discount on tuition
When two or more students are enrolled in ISN Elementary School 10% discount on tuition 15% discount on tuition
Equipment fee (preschool)
Facilities maintenance/system management fee (elementary school)
Discounts available Discounts available

After-school English program for elementary school students “The Project”

Second and subsequent children: 30% discount on tuition fees

scholarship system

ISN Scholarship Program for Academic Year 2025-2026

Students who meet the following conditions may apply for the scholarship program, which exempts them from paying fees for the duration of their enrollment in the elementary school.
Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the scholarship program. *Registration fee, facility maintenance fee, maintenance fee, event fee, shuttle bus fee, extended evening care fee, ISN T-shirt fee, etc. will be charged.

Application Guidelines

Application Requirements
At least one parent must be from a country* where English is the native language and English is the primary language in the home.
Number of applicants
2 persons
corresponding grade
Students from 1st to 6th grade
Application period
Applications will be accepted as soon as the application form is received, and will be closed as soon as the maximum number of applicants is reached.

Additional requirements:
Parents and children must decide on a theme of exploration and work on it together for one year, presenting their progress once every Unit Of Inquiry. Exploration period: 1 year (April 1, 2025 – March 20, 2026)
Activities: Students will choose a theme(s) and engage in information gathering, organization, investigation, research, and other forms of exploration. Summarize what they have learned from their research and make a presentation. Summarize and present what they have learned from their research. Examples of presentation methods: school website, SNS, blogs, etc.
In addition, presentations can be made to newspapers, TV interviews, parent-teacher conferences, class presentations, etc. In addition, presentations to newspapers, TV interviews, parent-teacher conferences, class presentations, etc. are also possible. Anonymous presentations are acceptable. The process of your child’s exciting and enthusiastic efforts will be presented as “a variety of learning styles,” “recognition of growth in mind, skills, and knowledge,” and “a discussion with parents, children, and community members. The activities will be shared from the perspectives of “diverse ways of learning,” “noticing growth of mind, skills, and knowledge,” and “connections with parents, children, and community members.
Annual activities are subject to change from year to year.”

The final decision on the ISN Scholarship Program will be based on an interview.
If you are interested in applying, please use this contact form or contact us at and mention “Application for the ISN Scholarship Program for Academic Year 2025 – 2026”.
Please note that sibling discounts will not be applied to sibling applicants.

Countries other than those listed above may be eligible for application. Please consult our staff.