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The world is a choice for all children.

The only IB (International Baccalaureate) accredited school in Nagano Prefecture

International school with integrated kindergarten, elementary, and middle school programs

Develop world-class language skills and an international mindset

The IB is an international educational program offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (headquartered in Geneva). ISN is an IB accredited school. As an international school that integrates the youngest and middle school students, we provide more children with the opportunity to make the world their choice.

”I.S.N. Features”

Local Resources and Research-Based Learning and Practices

Complex facility utilizing an abandoned school

The school will be opened by renovating a closed school building of the former Gosyo Elementary School of Matsumoto City in the former Shiga Village. Together, under a collaborative partnership, we aim to operate the school as a complex facility that can be used for multiple purposes by local residents, including childcare support, immigration counseling, and as a disaster prevention center.

Development of proprietary programs

We hope to provide an education that can only be realized in the Shiga region by creating a place for exchange and learning with the people of the Shiga region while utilizing an abandoned school, which is the most significant feature of this project, and by developing a unique method of education that will foster children’s curiosity and spirit of inquiry in the natural environment.

Ideal environment for raising children

There is an increasing demand for raising children in an environment rich in nature and sending children to a unique international school, and we plan to work with the local community to address these needs by

providing information on moving to the area around the school, trial migration, and other measures.


“Create your own”

The “evaluation” system that I.S.N.’s learning strategy focuses on, to make dreams come true every day.

The five steps are designed to deepen the quality of the students’ own learning process.

“Surface Learning”

Memorise and Make a list
Repeating the given information out loud, homework, basic academic skills, end-of-term exams, regular exams, and preparation for the entrance exams.

“Deep Learning”

New field journals, musicals, interviews, performances, exhibitions.
Experiments, critical thinking, research and practice, discussion and presentation.

Providing options for inclusivity

I.S.N. is committed to making attending a multicultural, multilingual, international-standard, research-based learning environment, an option for many children. I.S.N. is considering a review of tuition rates for elementary and middle schools to make it an option for more children, with the goal of supporting families with many children and addressing the declining birth rate. For example, families with siblings attending ISN can receive up to 50% discount on tuition for the second child and up to 80% discount for the third child, depending on family income and other conditions. We will build a cooperative system with other related organizations to provide and execute “options” for learning and way of living.

About the Elementary School

Learn about our educational programs at Gojyo Elementary School.


School Information

This page provides an overview of the school corporation and access information.