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Gojo Campus Grade 3🌿 Let’s check what they are working on now!

Firstly, I would like to explain unit 2 and what we are learning. The topic for Unit 2 is plants. 🌳🍎

Our current position in the unit is Line Of Inquiry 3, which is the importance of plants (connection).

Last week the focus was the importance of food plants. 🥕

Last week’s activity for the students was a task where they were given different pictures of food that humans and animals get from plants such as fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. The students were tasked with identifying which foods are needed by animals and humans. 🐎👦

This helped students to learn more foods that are produced from plants and the importance of the plants/foods!✨




このユニットでの私たちの現在の位置づけは、Line Of Inquiry 3で、植物の重要性(つながり)です。先週は食用植物の重要性に焦点を当てました。