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Introduction of our weekly Gojo PYPC blog/五常キャンパスでのIBに関する取り組み✨

Hello, everyone.👋

My name is Igor and I am currently in the position of Primary Years Programme Assistant for Elementary at ISN. ISN’s PYPC team is currently made up of four members: Ms. Shizuka Tateiwa, the school’s PYP Coordinator who works from the Shimauchi campus, Ms. Rieko Okamura, the PYPC assistant for the Minami Matsumoto campus, Ms. Miho Watanabe, the PYPC assistant for the Nagano campus and myself.👍

Since becoming an IB accredited school a little under five years ago, the ISN staff has been hard at work developing our own individual program and making sure it keeps up with all the amazing work the IB organization and educators have been doing around the world.🌎

I’d like to use this opportunity to introduce the weekly PYPC blog that I will be writing and posting here once a week from now on. I’d like everyone to get a closer look behind the scenes of the PYP programme, its continuous development at ISN, all the hard work our staff is doing and some interesting tidbits from the IB organization themselves.✏

Please share any comments and reflections you might have under the post, or you can reach out to the school directly by email or phone. 😊