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🚙Matsumoto Gojo Elementary Grade 1🚃

Hello everyone!🌞

Grade 1 has started the first line of inquiry, types of transportation. 

We have been focusing on naming different types of transportation they know about in this world, see in their everyday lives and use to go to school. Students were able to match transportation names to their appropriate image. 

During this process, students learned new English words to describe different transportation. 

We also did an activity where students built their own transportation using Lego and presented it to the class using the sentence structure “I made ___. I go to ___ using ___.”. Lastly, as a whole class,1 we discussed where these different transportations travel.

For example, the bus would travel on land and an airplane would travel in the sky. ✈

Students named 5 categories.

Land, water, sky, snow, and space travel. Next week, we will move on to the next line of inquiry, which is modes of transportation. 

Suggestions for things parents can do at home:

It would solidify students learning of different transportation names in English if you can ask them to name transportations you see in your everyday life and starts conversations about how they go to school, how parents go to work, or how people move/travel to places around the world. 






また、レゴで自分の交通機関を作り、「I made ______.I go to ___ using ___. 」という文章で発表する活動も行いました。最後に、クラス全員で、様々な交通機関がどこを移動するのかについて話し合いました。例えば、バスは陸上、飛行機は空中を移動する。などです。