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Where does waste water go? 💦🚰

One of the Grade 5 students presenting in class

We’ve been talking about water in fifth grade. We recently discussed where waste water goes. Some students claim that waste water from their homes ends up in a river or the sea. This is correct, but waste water from homes does not flow directly into the river or any other body of water. If it does, it will pollute the water.☔

Some countries are dealing with water pollution. In Grade 5, we discussed how other countries dispose of waste water from their homes. We discussed how other countries simply discharge waste water into rivers or the sea. Then we watched a short video about a water treatment facility in Japan and how it helps to keep our environment clean, including rivers, seas, and other bodies of water. Students created posters about water conservation to conclude the discussion.

皆さん、こんにちは!今週のGrade 5の活動をお知らせいたします :)☔

Grade 5では引き続き、水について話し/学んでいます。

世界中には、水質汚濁の改善に取り組んでいる国もあります。Grade 5では、他の国々がどのように家庭から出る排水を処理しているのかについて話し合いました。