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Let Unit 4 begin!!

Greetings everyone! The weather is getting colder, but we hope your mood is not! This week has been of new beginnings, as we began unit 4 in Grade 3.

Grade 3も、新ユニット、Unit 4が始まりました!

Monday was a much needed break, but we tried to get started with planning for the Christmas Performance on Tuesday although, not much headway was made with everyone being undecided still! That will be sorted out soon! We also got in with our new unit, the new central idea, and new lines of inquiry.

月曜日はなんと早くも今年度のクリスマス・Performance Dayに向けた計画が始まりました!また、新しいUnit、新しいLOIも始まりました。

After Tuesday’s slow start, of cover pages and the new unit, Wednesday was a little bit of burner as we got straight into learning about Creative Writing. This topic could be the perfect segway into our Christmas Performance as we will look to link the two. The students learned about some of the different types of writing but we mainly focused on journal writing and used some of the Wimpy Kids book series to help with this.

生徒たちは、様々なタイプのライティングについて学びましたが、主にジャーナルライティングに焦点を当て、Wimpy Kidsシリーズの本をいくつか使いました。皆さんは、Wimpy Kidsコミックのシリーズをご存じですか?英語のReadingにぴったりなコミックです✨

Thursday, was a great day, the students really got into and enjoyed learning about adjectives, similes and metaphors as this day was solely focused on descriptive writing. These will aid in improving that aspect of their descriptive writing.


Friday will be a big day as the whole school will rehearse for the annual Sports Day event which will be on Saturday, 15 October. That should be fun!

We hope that you have had a great week, and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Cheers!

金曜日は全体リハーサルを迎え、その後は…Sports Festival当日です!!!