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Grade 4~Fairy tales👼~


This week, we have been continuing with our exploration of the world of fairy tales.

We began Tuesday with students presenting posters about their favourite stories. After presentations, we then looked for shared themes amongst our stories. The presenting students ended up in two groups, one based upon humans changing into animals and the other being talking animals.

Following on from this we watched a video about what is considered to be the world’s oldest fairy tale, “The Blacksmith and the Devil”. Afterwards when we reflected on the story they seemed most intrigued by the prospect of having a magical tool or power.

In the final part of this week, we broke into two groups for the scripting and performing of two famous fairy tales, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Hansel and Gretel”. The students have been very lively in their preparation for these works. I look forward to watching them tomorrow.

Hope you have a nice week.