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Grade 6: Learning and practicing

Hi everyone! Another busy, interesting week for Grade 6. The students are continuing to practice their Performance and we are all surprised that it is scheduled for next week already!

そのメインの活動は…そう、Performance Day!Performance Dayは、なんと今週末に差し迫っていることを考えると…😲💡

On Friday, the students had a chance to perform their show on the actual stage at the Pinus hall. The practice went well, but the students are still working on their blocking and saying their lines with the most powerful voice they can. Let’s all support them throughout next week and on the Performance Day on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you all join us!


The students also participated in an anti-drug lesson held by the local police office. We welcomed Ms. Yoshida who talked a little bit about the problem of peer pressure and how it can easily lead to drug abuse. She also mentioned different types of drugs and different negative effects drug addiction can have on one’s relationship with family and friends and their work life. We all learned something new!

また、Performance Dayの練習で忙しくしている同午前中には、松本警察署の皆様のレクチャーによる「薬物使用防止教室」に参加しました。薬物は様々な種類があり、また、人によってその症状も様々。また新しい知識が増えました💊

See you again next week.