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Grade 6: Into a Peaceful New Year

Hello, everyone! We hope you’ve had a fun Winter holiday.

Grade 6 students really enjoyed theirs. One students shared many interesting things he did with his family for their Christmas party, such as eating the traditional chicken and cake and playing at Round One! A different student got the Christmas present he wanted and enjoyed Tokyo Disneyland, while another one visited his family in distant Morocco. We were all delighted to hear stories and see pictures from the trip, and we also received a souvenir for our classroom. Thank you! 🐪


While the students were happy to discuss the fun they had, they needed help with preparing long and meaningful presentations on the topic. This is why they have spent their Wednesday on trying to prepare longer speeches and practicing their presentation skills further. They were also encouraged to borrow books for home reading from the school library and read them, little by little, at home. Tuesdays will be our school reading days in which we will check up on everyone’s progress, so please try to motivate students to read at home as well. Let’s hone all of our skills before becoming Middle schoolers this April!

Many interesting events will take place at the school before then as well. On Tuesday’s assembly, we were visited by people from a local company who explained their mission to reuse and recycle books to the students and promised to visit us with their Library bus next week. 🚌

Finally, this week marked the beginning of and a first few introductory lessons to our new Unit of Inqury, focusing on the topic of Peace, as opposed to conflict. The Unit will follow the Central Idea of “Learning from the consequences of conflicts is an essential step towards building a peaceful world” and students will inquire into conflict, both on a global and personal level, the kind of consequences it can have and discuss what we can do to achieve peace. Let’s all learn a lot together. Have a good weekend! 🍀

今週は、ISN10周年イベントで取り組む、クラウドファンディングに関するワークショップがありました。上田市にある、Value Booksという古本回収、リサイクル企業です。
今月からValue Booksと共に活動する場面が多くなり、子ども達にとってもいい機会だと思います。