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Grade 6: Peace and Learning

Hello, everyone! It snowed so much this week and it was very cold! I hope you had fun playing in front of the school. Grade 6 definitely did. Some of the students even built the Great Wall of China! ❄️

We have continued inquiry into our Unit that focuses on peace. We researched about different wars through history and discussed how the consequences are always tragic and unnecessary. The students seemed to understand and were compassionate with the story of a Hiroshima atomic bombing survivor. We read an article about the anniversary of the event and discussed the problem of nuclear weapons still existing in the world.

On Tuesday, we were visited again by the people of Value Books who did a workshop with students explaining the concept of crowdfunding and sharing ideas on how the school library could be reimagined. Grade 6 students felt positive after the workshop, especially with the amount of time that was given to them to understand the sometimes difficult concept of crowdfunding.

Have a nice weekend! ⛄