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Grade Two Community Stations

Hello, dear parents!

Today’s blog is about LOI 2 (project making, flower garden visitation (fukujusou), and music concert).

In UOI, we did a role play center in our classroom. Example of the stations we made were a hospital, market, farm, and police station. This helped us to have a first hand experience and learn how people interact with each other within the community. Having good etiquette in our daily lives could be an effective way to build a strong relationship with people around us. Being kind, considerate, trustworthy, friendly and grateful to other people is an act of good etiquette.

Last Tuesday, we visited a hilly place in Shiga where there were lots of fukujusou plant. According to Wikipedia, “In Japan, we call this flower “Fukujusou”, which means celebrating happy new year (in lunar calendar). One of the most popular early spring flowers. It tells us that spring is approaching! ” Villagers believe that this flower is also poisonous to eat so students should be warned about it.

For our Music concert, we sang “A Whole New World” by Lea Salonga and “Memories” by Maroon 5. The students played the music “We Are” using different kinds of instruments like pianica, flute, organ, drums, and other musical instruments lead by our very own Music teacher Ms. Iinuma. Practicing the lyrics everyday helped us to perform well. This was the first time we had a music concert and also the first time we performed an ensemble to an audience.

Please check out some of our pictures taken during the different activities for this week.

Until next time! Thank youfor reading our blog.