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Grades 3 and 4: Spooky time!

Hi besties! It was a really fun week in Grades 3 and 4. The students seem to be getting more and more acquainted with their new classroom, teachers and duties. It seems like we’re in for a interesting year! 🦜

The students spent a lot of time this week working on their different craft projects for this Saturday’s ISN Spring Festival. Everyone seemed really enamored with the idea of preparing a Haunted House and have worked so hard for it. Co-operation and communication skills really came into play here and the students shared tips on how to make origami bats, organizing their own shift schedule for the work they will do on the day and offering to bring costumes and craft materials from their homes. For the students’ new teacher, it was really inspiring to see them as creative and as ingenious as this. We all look forward to welcoming you into our spooky Haunted house on Saturday. We will be located right next to the school infirmary, so please pay us a visit. The bravest will get rewards! 👻

Continuing with our Unit of Inquiry, the students further discussed how each of us has different duties and different jobs in different situations and how our work influences others. Using their Spring Festival jobs as an example seemed to make this concept understandable for the students. Students shared how they organize themselves and their rooms at home as well and talked about what, in their opinion, makes for a well-organized and a not-so-well-organized space. Next week, we will further reflect on the way we did our jobs and organized ourselves during the Festival and inquire into how the jobs our teachers and families do influence our communities and society on a larger scale. 💼

During this week, the students have also started their subject lessons. In Programming with Mr. Terry, they started inquiring into Scratch, a simple, puzzle-based programming language. It was a lot of fun to try making a cat dance in different location and to different tunes. In English lessons, we focused on defining conjunction and practicing their use in written tests. For their Mathematics lessons, the students were enrolled in Khan Academy, an online Mathematics course. Having the students follow this course enables them to learn Math at their own level and at their own pace, while still allowing their teachers to check up on their students progress. The students seem to enjoy this new way of learning and had a lot of fun doing things at their level of understanding. We hope you all have a lovely weekend! 🍀