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What have we done…?


As the weather shifts and turns so quickly with the oncoming Spring, I hope this finds you well and healthy.

Last Saturday was our Class Observation and Spring Festival, and I think all will agree that it was a brilliant day. From the weather to the food, to the games and smiles on people’s faces, it was a great day and our thanks to all who contributed in myriad ways, volunteering, donating, attending and shopping. It was a lot of fun and, phew… was I glad to finally put my feet up on Saturday evening! A pat on the pack for everyone. Thank you.

In the Middle School we have mostly been focused on using the present perfect tense this week. The basic structure of this being: have/has + past participle verbs, i.e. I have stopped the bicycle, she has just entered the room. We saw how it can be used to talk about things that have happened recently, as well events in the past with no given date, i.e. they have been to Spain.

We are also taking time this week to see the bigger picture and consider the very first colour photograph of the earth from space in 1968. The photo was taken by the crew of the Apollo 8 space program just after they had passed around the dark side of the moon. The photo was given the name “Earthrise” and has become an iconic image. We will be considering the idea of perspective as well as how this photo helped to inspire various environmental groups.

That’s all for this week. Hope you have a great week and enjoy the Golden Week holidays.