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My Responsibilities In School


Today’s blog is all about LOI2: our duties and responsibilities in the school.

To be able to know the different Grade-2 responsibilities at school, we first inquired the simplest tasks inside the classroom. We checked some areas of responsibilities that we think we need to work on. There are sixteen (16) areas that we need to help on and these are: cleaning the tables and blackboard, keeping the art tools, buckets and rugs in place, keeping toys, books, drawers, recycled area and lockers organized, keeping the attendance updated and regularly change the trash bin’s plastic, keeping the hangers and lunch tables clean and organized outside, and having leaders to lead and manage our class.

Here are some of the students’ ideas on how we can help inside the room. Some students said that we should take care and clean our belongings, be nice to everyone, help classmates to clean the room, speak in English in the school, pick up things that drop on the floor, pick up friend’s cap, remind the classmates, and etc.

For our school diorama project’s update, we made a school building, park, and gymnasium.

Until next time, parents. Thank you and have a nice weekend.