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Grade 5 – Wrapping up the year

Hello everyone! This will be the last blog post of the 2023-2024 school year for grade 5. It was a year filled with lots of events, field trips, and learning! It has been amazing teaching the students and hopefully the students enjoyed the year as grade 5 students.

For our UOI, we have been learning about how different climates affect the environment in certain areas. We looked at countries with extreme climates such as Antofagasta in Chile. It is one of the driest places on earth and therefore there is no water around. They get their water from neighbouring places through underground pipes. We also learned about how the weather is predicted and communicated to others. The students became meteorologists and reported a weeks worth of weather in their chosen countries!

This week, we are doing a short creative writing course. The students are learning everything from how to plan a story, expanding descriptive sentences to making the story interesting using gripping starters, thinking about the flow of the story, and more. This course is getting the students to really think deeply about their imaginations and changing that into English words. The title of everyone’s stories are Desert Island Discovery! It is exciting to see what kind of stories they will write.

The students entered a creative writing competition last month and we received the results! 5 students received the bronze certificate and 4 students received the silver certificate. Congratulations grade 5!

The PYP exhibition happened on March 8th. The students were finally able to share things they researched on their chosen topics! They spent a lot of time thinking and researching about different things. They all had a lot of fun and enjoyed the whole process. Some students are feeling a bit sad that it has finished.

The students also had their music concert on March 8th. They practiced a lot for their performance so they were nervous, but did an amazing job! It was great how they choreographed their own dances to go along with the song they were singing.

The students have been learning how to sew by making different things such as animals, pouches, tissue cases and more! They seem to be having a lot of fun!

We have done so much this year. I hope the students experience new things, learned interesting things and were inspired to keep inquiring. See you next year!