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Grade 5

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a chill and wonderful golden week!

Line of inquiry 2 has come to an end with the sad death of our killifish. We will be having a ceremony for our lost fish. However, on the bright side, they have left us with some new life in the tank. The Killifish eggs are growing gradually and we would love to take care of them so they can safely hatch.

This week grade 5 students started the line of inquiry 3, human life cycle. They started this line of Inquiry by having lessons with Ms. Katie, the nurse. She introduced the students about the human body and how we change as we grow. They also learnt a bit about how babies grow inside the mothers stomach. We will continue learning about the life cycle of humans and how it allows us to understand who we are.

Grade 5 students went to the Fureai exchange with Grade 6 to interact with the local elderly community. They performed the song they were practicing during music, ‘On top of the World’ by the Carpenters. After, students played different kinds of games with the community. The students reflected on how they enjoyed the intereaction and time they spent with the elderly community.