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Culminating Activities


I hope everyone is doing great today.

For today’s blog, we will talk about the things that we’ve learned for the whole Unit 1 (society). To make it simple, we used the school environment as an example of society. Our daily lives in school will be a great example on how society works. To simplify it, inside the classroom we should act in accordance with the teacher-students agreements to achieve peace, progress and unity To show oneness inside the classroom, we did projects, performances and tests.

For our projects, we should think of some useful things that we can help our school to be a conducive place to learn. Firstly, we continued making origami crafts like crane bird, whale, shuriken, flower, etc. for additional decorations and to develop our Art skill using recycled papers. Secondly, we planted useful plants like carrots and flowers for school’s additional floral garden and vegetation. Lastly, we did paper weaving as an additional knowledge for craft skills.

In our performances, we memorized and sang “Yesterday’s Dream” and performed it with partners in front of the class. We also presented two poems in front like “School Poem and First day at School”.

We also had a post test about Unit 1. We answered the following questions:

What is a school?

Who goes to school?

What are my duties in the classroom?

How can I help my school?

Why school is important?

At the end of the day, everyone cooperated and participated well. They sang the song confidently, memorized the poems, and answered the drills independently. For more details please check our pictures and videos below.

Thanks for reading our blog. Until next time.