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Grades 3 and 4: Science Fair and Sports Festival!

Hi, everyone! What a week is behind us! The students kept themselves super busy with preparing for the Science fair, painting their karts, practicing their dance and other Sports Day activities.

Grades 3 and 4 would like to thank everyone who came and visited them at their Science fair. Partly because it was initiated by the students themselves, and partly because it marked the end of the third Unit of Inquiry, it was amazing to see the level of support given by all of you, and all the school’s teachers and students. The students were very excited (and a little bit nervous) to show their work in front of so many visitors and have spent the entire week preparing all the fun activities that you witnessed. We hope you enjoyed our magical volcanoes, tornadoes, quizzes and craft materials! 🌋

But, that wasn’t all the hard work we did this week. On Saturday, it was time for the Sports Festival! Even more parents showed up this time! The students enjoyed all the games and were especially happy to show off their relay and petanque skills, which we have been practicing for in our P.E. lessons. What were your thoughts on our colorful Mario Karts? What about the fun and creepy “Bones” dance? We hope you all had a fun day. 🏎️

Until our next event (the Halloween party and the Christmas performance are coming up soon!), stay healthy and enjoy your weekend! ☀️