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G5 – Making new friends

Hello everyone! We’ve had some exciting events happen recently. We had the opportunity to visit Yasaka Elematary school and interact with the grade 6 and grade 5 class in English. First, we went to the grade 6 classroom where they took us on a tour of the school. We even saw their planetarium with a big telescope and it was amazing! The students were both amazed and jealous. We then played dodgeball in the gym in mixed teams. It was our second time meeting them in person, so everyone interacted very easily. Next, we went to the grade 5 classroom and played a snakes and ladders game using a game board that the students made. The purpose of this activity was to get to know each other, so they had questions such as “What is your favourite colour?” and more. It was a great game to get to know each other. After, we ate lunch with everyone. All the students enjoyed the day and was happy they made new friends!

For UOI, students practiced and presented their joint and individual poems. Everyone tried their best to a loud and clear voice. This was great practice to actually experience how we can express ourselves, but also for our Christmas show.

For maths, we have been learning about coordinates. We learnt how to read them and did a find the mystery picture activity. All students were able to follow the coordinate instructions and found the owl. Next, students designed their own mystery picture. They chose to do this with a theme of Christmas. The students then swapped their coordinate instructions with another friend and tried them out. They all had fun!

The students have started their research and are making different assessment styles to present their findings. For example, some students are making posters, newspapers, infographics and such. They are also all logging their progress to explain what they are doing and why they are doing that for each step of the exhibition.

We have been practising our lines and staging for the Christmas show. Our Shimauchi campus performance is coming soon and we are trying our best to make it perfect!

Have a wonderful weekend! See you next time.