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Research, development & ready to go…


Summer is most definitely upon us and I hope you are keeping cool while still finding time to catch a few rays.

This week the Middle School has been working a lot on their own projects and self-study programs.

We have also been continuing with our morning read, “Holes”. It is a well written and dynamically structured story. As well as offering a window into another period in the history of the USA. It is also relatable in some ways, with adults supervising the boys of the camp in mindless repetitive tasks. Although, that doesn’t happen here at ISN of course!

Swimming lessons have also continued this week and I think everyone was glad to get into the pool just to cool off a little, as the temperature crept into the 30’s. Our thanks to Shiga B&G for being so accommodating of our group.

We have also been having lots of discussions per our imminent trip to PAWA, Wadaura, Chiba. The boys seem genuinely excited now as they are counting of the days and the immortal, “Are we there yet?” as already begun to be whispered. I’m looking forward to showing them a little of Minami Boso, Chiba and getting a chance to experience permaculture hands-on.

While on the subject of our trip, a gentle reminder that we will be meeting at the ticket area of Matsumoto Train Station at 07:45 on Monday morning of next week. Our train departs for Shinjuku at 08:10, however it would be appreciated if everyone could assemble earlier just in case of any problems. Also, all being well, we will be returning to Matsumoto Station on Friday 7th July at 16:39, with hopefully, lots of stories to share of our adventures.

Take care and have a great week.