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Wheelchair Ball Challenge!🏀 Grade 4~Grade 6

\\✨Wheelchair Ball Challenge! Grade 4~Grade 6🏀//

「パラ学 車いすボールチャレンジ」という出前授業がありました。





We had a delivery class called “Para-Gaku Wheelchair Ball Challenge. Mr. Tadashi Kato, a five-time Paralympian and medalist from Nagano Prefecture, gave a lecture and instruction. Mr. Kato, a five-time Paralympian and medalist, plays portball in a wheelchair.
Mr. Kato has competed in the Paralympics five times and is also a medalist. This time, he experienced wheelchair portball, a sport in which the athlete plays portball in a wheelchair. It is not an ordinary wheelchair, but a wheelchair with a variety of features that allow it to move very smoothly. Everyone seemed to enjoy trying out the wheelchair game. The goal of this experience was to experience two things: the importance of putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, and the fact that “I can’t do it” can be replaced by “I can do it” if we all work together to devise ways.

The teams were not in competition with other teams, but worked together to devise ways to score more points in the second round than in the first round.
After the experience, we were able to listen to Ms. Kato talk about her experience at the Paralympics and how she overcame her disability. I think this was a very good learning experience.