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Grade 3’s Wonderland

Hello there. All peace, from Grade 3 we hope that you have had a great week thus far. The week has been quite busy, but it has been satisfying as well. The first order of business was to complete and get started with reading and practicing the script for the Christmas Performance.

The students were also quite helpful, and had big editorial roles in the completion of the script. We all sat together to write some more lines and change some scenes. The students were great thinkers and risk-takers in this regard.

The students took to the script nicely, and our script will be based on the 1951, combined with the 2009 depiction of the cinematic portrayal of Alice in Wonderland. Great versions which are highly recommend to you.

This week we also have put a whole more emphasis on mathematics lessons, which are a great mix of fun and a focus on subtraction, multiplication and addition.

The students were also introduced to the new idea of the Housing system. The students were quite excited to learn about which house they will belong to, and the hope with this is to encourage students to speak and improve their English proficiency.

This week, we also celebrated a birthday to one of the students, that everyone enjoyed. We only wish to have gotten a delicious chocolate cake!

All peace from Grade 3, stay stay and have a great weekend!