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Grade 6: Nagoya! 🏯

Hello, everyone! An exciting week is behind Grade 6! We have a little under three weeks left until the Performance Day and the students have spent most of the first half of the week practicing intensively. The students are trying hard on remembering all their spoken lines, how to stand on stage and keeping their voice loud enough for the entire audience to hear it. We hope you support the students on the day of the performance, December 17th!

Grade6は、Performance Dayの練習を引き続き行っています。

The second half of our week was reserved for one of the most exciting events of our entire school year: our 2-day bus trip. The students have worked hard on thinking of ideas and planning the trip back in September, and it felt wonderful to finally be able to visit all the destinations they have read about.


On Thursday, the students rode on the Highway bus alone for the first time to reach Nagoya. We visited the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology and  were guided through a very interesting history of technology and machinery development throughout the 20th century. Our day finished with visiting one of the symbols of Nagoya, the Mirai Tower, and experiencing an exciting evening at the local hotel.

On Friday, we visited the Nagoya City Science Museum. It was a fascinating visit which allowed the students to revise a lot of things we learned in the first two Units of this school year, about Cells and Phyoscs. We followed this visit with a fun time in VS park, an exciting exercise center made up of fun games inspired by Japanese TV shows. We quickly hurried back to the bus terminal and returned to Matsumoto late in the evening.

Let’s all rest well before the next week. ☀️