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Happy New Year to our dear parents.

Today’s blog is about general cleaning, club assembly, mochi rice making, height check-up, crowdfunding proposal and Unit 5 lesson.

On the very first day of the school this year, the school clubs had an assembly to discuss some proposals on how we can start our new year fresh and productive. The main target to be hit was to help and improve school facilities that the students commonly used like Art Room, Music Room, Science Room and Library. After some further instructions, everyone in the school helped together to clean and decorate their own assigned designated area voluntarily. After that charity works, we we’re served a good lunch to ease our tiredness. After lunch, the excitement part of the day is still continued when some parents joined our spirit of communal unity in cleaning the school. In doing so, this is one way of showing themselves as a role model to their child/ children even in the humblest way of deeds. For doing that, you elevate your child’s spirit of being caring.

After the general cleaning, the school prepared a simple get together activity for everyone by cooking Mochi rice. Everyone (parents, teachers and kids) helped in pounding the mochi rice until it gets ready to eat. Everyone got three pieces of different flavored of mochi rice.

On the second day early morning, the students were asked to go to the clinic to update their height records. Everyone seems so happy because most of them got a good result. In the afternoon, we listened to some valuable speakers from the Value Books Company and from an architect which fortunately its one of our student’s dad that discussed some valuable ideas about how we improve our library and fundraising. Part of their proposal, the school will launch “book bus” program for kids in partnership with Value Books Company on this coming January 17th and will give a value book workshop on January 24th for Grade-4 to middle school students.

Lastly, the Grade-2 students are back to grind and pound again this new year. We are now starting talking some things that we could learn about Unit 5 lesson entitled “Where We Are In Place And Time”. It is focusing on different jobs where it is all come together to build a functioning society.

Again, in behalf of ISN school, we would like to ask your support and cooperation for your child’s welfare and learning until the school year ends.


バリューブックス社の方と、児童の一人のお父さんである建築家の方の貴重なお話を伺い、よりよい図書館にするためにどのように取り組んでいけばよいのかやファンドレイジングについて、貴重なご意見をいただきました。 また、1月17日(火)、24日(火)にはそれぞれ、4年生から中学生を対象にバリューブックスのワークショップを開催する予定です。

ユニット5の “Where We Are In Place And Time “について、いくつかのことを話し始めています。この授業では、社会が機能するために必要なさまざまな仕事に焦点をあてています。


Have a nice day everyone.