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Connecting the dots (and the zeroes)

Warm greetings one and all!

In the Grade 4 classroom this week, our Line of Inquiry took us into exploring money and it’s connection with the planet.

Reflecting upon last week’s introduction to basic home economics, we considered how the numbers (amounts of money) didn’t always reflect the real world effects.

This was illustrated during a particularly lively and free-ranging discussion, when we imagined burning our classroom to make popcorn. The popcorn sold well and we made a huge profit, however, we continually had to re-build the classroom as we burned it each time to make more popcorn.

Of course, this was an absurd example, popcorn always sells better with sea salt. I jest. Students were quick to understand the basic principle of the problem of disconnecting money and finance from the real world.

Following this discussion, we moved into groups and began researching various famous brands, Apple, Nintendo, Mos Burger and Coca Cola. And what is the ecological footprint of what they produce.

The students will be sharing their research on Friday morning this week.

Otherwise, the children are serving lunch now by themselves and seem to be enjoying the task. It is nice to see them being a little more engaged with their food and the lunch process.

That’s all from me this week. Hope you have a great week and stay warm.