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Grade 1~Gojo campus life~🌸🌸🌸

Today was a day full of new things! The students are excited to start their new life here at our Gojo campus. In the morning we started with a morning meeting where we got to know each other and we learned a little more about the school and our classroom rules.🏔🌳

We played a bingo game that helped us learn a little more about each other, students really got into it and we could hear them ask each other questions. After the bingo game we got ready to go outside and have a little tour of the school grounds. We discussed what places are safe to play and which are not. Students thought a lot about why some places were off limits and why some were not, they sure had a lot of great ideas! Of course… after the tour, and everyone knew where to play, we had to take some time to actually play! Today’s favorite play areas were the monkey bars and the field for some soccer! Some students even started playing with the older grade students, it was great to see them interact with each other. 😊🌈

Around 11 o’ clock most students were quite hungry and couldn’t wait for lunch time! However, we did take some time to talk about the common language used in our school; kind hands, walking feet, smart moves, inside voices, and positive language. When we started lunch we needed to discuss how to properly get our lunch and serve it to our friends. The students really enjoyed helping and, of course, eating their lunch! Many students even got extra servings! 🍎

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday again!🌞🌸