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Grade 6, unit 2 gets on a roll!

Hello everyone! Looks like the warm weather has started to become more consistent, and warmer over the past few weeks. I hope that everyone is doing well and has had a good week. This week, the grade 6 students got on and going with unit 2, plus we had the opportunity to visit a rose garden in the Shigemura area and played in a baseball stadium as well.

This week, we begin things off with unit 2. In our unit of inquiry, the students will be learning about botany, and we started this week with learning about trees. The student a read a small but very informative book on trees, the different parts of a tree and the functions of those different parts.

With our surroundings having quite a number of trees, we saw the opportunity to go outside and study some of the trees that we have in our school. This was a good chance for the students to revise and visualize some of the information that they had learned in class.

This week the grade 5 and 6 classes visited a beautiful rose garden in the Shigemura area. Perfume like scents, and a gorgeous garden made it quite difficult to leave but we also got the opportunity to visit a baseball stadium really close to the rose garden. Another time of awesomeness for the students and myself. All the students said was that they would love to do that again!

Going back to the topic of our unit 2, which is about plants, we also will be doing some planting this week. The students elected to plant some herbs, basil and rosemary to be exact. An exciting prospect which I hope the students will enjoy. Thank you for visiting our weekly blog, have a good week and a better weekend!