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Grade 2 – Welcome back & Where are you from?

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to school, everyone!

This week we started cleaning our classroom and getting ourselves ready for the new UOI. Students worked hard to scrub everything and make a nice and clean environment to work in. We tried our new seat arrangements and now can talk a lot easier with each other and all face each other!

Some of our students were super eager to do show and tell after the Summer Break!

It has been a week of new things, we started our spelling time after book reading, and we also did math in English after that!

Students working hard on their spelling!

On Tuesday we started our new UOI, “My Town”. Students wrote down what they expected about UOI 3 without knowing anything about it. After that, I introduced the central idea. Students then connected the words they wrote down with the central idea, giving reasons why they thought those words connected well. We had some great suggestions:

people — my town “because there are people living and working in my town”

flowers — my town “because I can see flowers around my house”

toilet — my town “because there are toilets in the park!” (obviously, this was a joke from one of the students, but we could seriously connect it to our central idea, great job!)

We also discussed where we are from, and found out that some of the students in our class have actually lived in a couple of different places! Students thought about their birthplace, they place they grew up (and are still growing up) and where they live now.

In the following weeks we will discuss what makes their town “my town”, how do students connect to it and interact with it. Who lives in their town and what do they do there? What kind of buildings are there and why do people come to visit their town?

We’re looking forward to learning more about everyone’s town and their roles/place in it!

We watched a part of a Disneyland parade, to get inspiration for our Sports Festival!

Parents! Guardians! Grandparents! Thank you so much for the videos you prepared about you and your child’s summer vacation! We have been watching the videos in the classroom and it’s great to see the students enjoy and to see how proud students are of the videos they produced with their parents 😀 Absolutely lovely to see! Thank you again!

We decided on a new place to play with our LEGO during free time! One of our students made a protest board to show his friends they were out of the “LEGO zone”! Haha!