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Grade 5 – What will our land look like in the future? 🌋🗾🌆

Hello everyone! In the classroom, we have been focusing on mindful listening and communication. Students did a mindfulness activity where the students got into pairs and took turns being the mindful listener and communicator. The mindful communicator spoke about themselves from the bottom of their heart and the mindful listener actively listened without saying anything back. Students reflected how as a mindful communicator, they felt very comfortable and safe to talk about themselves because they knew the mindful listener will just listen and not say anything or judge them. They also reflected that they can use this technique when they talk or listen to friends and other people. 🤗

We are in the last line of inquiry of this unit. The third line of inquiry is, how would our land look like in the future? Students got into pairs and discussed how the land around us would change and why. They designed a diorama and will be making it using a plethora of materials. Some imagined that trash would be covering our lands, mountains would erupt by becoming volcanos and create more highlands, ocean levels will rise so that our highlands now will become lowlands, and more. The students ideas and creativity are very impressive! 🤩

Since it is our last week of our third unit, we will be reflecting on what students have learnt, what they thought was interesting, connections to other units, further inquiries, and more. I am looking forward to what students will reflect on.

For English, we worked on our letter writing skills since we got some lovely letters from the Yaska elementary school about their time visiting us last month. They were very thoughtful letters so the students wanted to send a reply. We also have been having weekly library time, where the students get a chance to ready an English book of their choice. The students seem to enjoy this. I have noticed that the students are challenging themselves to read harder books!

On October 5th, we went on our second full day bus trip! We went to the Yamabiko ice skating rink in Okaya. It was many students’ first time ice skating so they were a bit nervous, but by the end of the day, everyone was skating on their own without holding onto the wall or other people! Some students challenged themselves to practice spinning as well and succeeded. We had a lot of fun!

It is almost sports festival! The grade 5 students are working hard practicing for their dance, organising their grade activity and training for their relay race. All their hard work will be shown this Saturday!

On October 3rd, students had their second eye test of the year. They were all very respectful to our nurse and to each other.

I hope you have a great weekend and see you soon!