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G1 – Community Exchange with Shiga Grandparents

Hello, everyone! This week was a very memorable time for us. We were able to meet grandmas and grandpas at Shiga Town Hall. They taught us traditional Japanese songs and dance from Fukuoka. Another grandpa played the harmonica while we sang Christmas songs. We had conversations with them. We were also given some snacks. The tangerine was so sweet and the grape juice was delicious, too!

We prepared some songs and poems for them. They all loved our presentation! We had a very happy time with them and hope that we get to meet them again.

One of the grandpas taught us how to dance a very old song. It is a traditional song from Fukuoka about coal mining. The dance steps were easy and it was also a fun thing to do with everyone.

Thank you for reading our blog. Until next time!