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Grades 3 and 4: The Last Week

On Thursday, the students enjoyed baking chocolate chip cookies that they will share during their performance. This activity was a long time coming, since it was planned for our Halloween party, but had to be postponed due to the flu outbreak. Everyone seemed very excited and got super creative – they were only given basic instructions and ask to show cooperation and teamwork in figuring out the details. This ended up in a lot of different kinds of cookies with various textures and flavors. All very yummy, though! 🍪

The students also enjoyed practicing their calligraphy skills in their last week of Japanese lessons of this year. They perused the school library, being able to select three books for their Winter holiday reading. They packed up all of their belongings, so please check the students’ Japanese language and math work that their teachers sent home with them, as well as do cleaning and maintenance on their music instruments, paint sets, hats, drink bottles, as well as change of clothes. 🧣

Have a lovely Holiday and a Happy New Year, everybody! 🎄