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G1 – Where to wear?

Hello, ISN family!

Here are some of the things that we did for the last week of Unit 5.

Old and new faces for the show and tell activity every morning. Would you like some of our stuff? When one fo our classmates visited a restaurant, she easily recognized the country just by looking at the flags. She took it home as a souvenir and showed it to everyone in class.

Do you still remember our pinata? We finally opened it and got all the goodies! Of course, we took it all home. We are not allowed to eat those sweets at school or in the bus.

We had an unexpected visitor! Everyone was super scared in the morning before the arrival of the Oni. However, we were all laughing while throwing the beans. The Oni was not scary at all! He was super funny!

Yummy beans! Thank you for bringing us some roasted beans that day. “Oni was sotto, fuku wa uchi…”

We are not scared! Raaaaaaaawwwwwrrrrrr…!

We all knew who it was, so we wanted some revenge….!

We were able to finish all our dolls and presentations for our traditional clothings!

We also finished presenting all the celebrations of the country of our choice!

Good job, everyone!

Thank you very much for reading our blog! Until next time, ISN fam!