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Grades 3 and 4: Skiing and Cooking

Hello, everyone! We hope you had fun two weeks! Grades 3 and 4 certainly did! Last week, we went skiing, and this week, we had a cooking workshop!

Last Thursday, the students went on a whole-day skiing trip. They split into beginner and advanced group and followed their coaches through a variety of lessons and obstacles. The students said they enjoyed the trip very much, especially the fun they had with their friends and teachers, and the relaxing time of enjoying yummy curry! Looking at the photos below, you can really see everyone’s big smiles! 🎿

On this Monday, we participated in a cooking workshop where we learned how to make the traditional snack of the Nagano area: oyaki! The lovely ladies of the local association for preservation of traditions came to the school and showed the students how to make eggplant and anko oyaki. The students worked very hard, sifting the flour, kneading the dough, weighing it to the prefect size for an oyaki, and putting the filling in. Once the oyaki was boiled, everyone was super excited to try one and – they didn’t disappoint. They were excellent and we had some with our lunch, and some were taken home to share.

The students have also used the past two weeks to complete their Unit of Inquiry 5 as well. We have done so by preparing our final projects, which the students presented on Friday. They were tasked with thinking of an original idea of how people can preserve certain traditions. We had a range of wonderful ideas, from a dance school dedicated to Irish dance, to several museum dedicated to darumas. Next week, we will start inquiring into Unit 6: Sustainability. Have a great weekend! ☀️