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Grade 5 – Different cycles that affect the climate ♻️🌡️⛈️⛅🌞☃️🌈

Hello everyone, it has been both a warm and cold couple of weeks. I hope you had a great long weekend and are excited for the PYP exhibition and music concert next week!

As we were reading ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’, we came across a chapter describing a never ending cycle of deforestation in the protagonists village for people to survive. However, due to this, heavy flooding as well as droubts were happening. The students inquired about what deforestation is, what problems occurs because of it, why we do it, and whether there are any solutions to it. As a class, we decided to do a presentation on deforestation answering these questions. They were all thinkers and used their research skills to learn more about this topic.

To understand how rain occurs, we learned about the water cycle. Firstly, we watched a short informative video about the water cycle and played a Kahoot! game to review what we have learnt. Next, students worked together as a whole class to create a water cycle diagram to visual and consilidate their knowledge. It was very interesting to see students having discussions with each other about which water cycle process was happening outside. This showed that students were connecting their knowledge to their everyday lives. Students were also able to connect the water cycle to deforestation and found that due to this, it can affect the weather/percipitation of other areas. This may lead to droubts because since there are less trees and plants, there is less water that evaporates through the transpiration process.

Students also learned about the carbon cycle. They found out that there are 7 processes in this cycle. Students also learned that humans are not the only being that produces carbon and carbon dioxide. There are natural processes that happen which releases these things as well.

We have 1 more week until our PYP Exhibition! Students are both excited, but nervous. The project they have been working on will soon come to an end. They are currently working hard to create their displays to show their learning to many people. We are so excited to finally share our works!

See you next time!