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G5 Homeroom teacher, PYPC at Gojo
Yuma Monique Kloiser-Jones
Yuma is from both Japan and Australia. She can speak both Japanese and English fluently. She grew up and has lived in numerous countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and the UK. Yuma herself went to many international schools and has gone through all 3 IB programmes (PYP, MYP and DP). She undertook her undergraduate degree studying a bachelor of arts (majoring in psychology and linguistics) at the University of Melbourne and also completed her masters of teaching in early childhood and primary also at the same university. Yuma has lots of hobbies and interests such as snowsports (skiing, snowboarding, figure skating), sports (volleyball, basketball), music (violin, singing), dance (contemporary, jazz), and theatre (musicals, plays, movies). She loves talking and getting to know different people so don’t hesitate to go up to her to have a chat!