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Water! Water! G5 Blog☔

We use water every day. 

Despite being the world’s most abundant resource, only 3% of it is fresh water, and only 1% of it is drinkable. As a result, it’s no surprise that we’re all focusing our efforts on this critical resource that affects the entire world’s population. Having said that, we have been talking about water.🌀

In Grade 5, we started our water discussion with water sources. We talked about where we could find water. 

Some students believe that water can be found in soil, while others believe that it can be found in lakes, oceans, and rain. ☔

We also discussed the water cycle. Students conducted research on the major sources of water and presented their findings in class. We also discussed the water cycle and conducted an experiment called “Finding Where Water Goes.” “Where has a puddle of water gone?” students were asked. 

They initially claimed that the sun ate the water! 🌞☔

They were eventually able to determine that it had gotten into the air. 

We also talked how the water cycle is a large circle with no obvious beginning. We also talked about how no stage or part of the water cycle can be eliminated. We discussed using the Nearpod application. Using the application, students were able to actively participate in the discussion. 









生徒たちは、水の主な供給源について調べ、その結果をクラスで発表しました。また、水循環について話し合い、”Finding Where Water Goes” という実験を行いました。