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The G4 learning space this week has been all about construction🏠🌳

Last week the students were charged with creating a plan to build a brushwood hut.

We first came across brushwood huts when we looked at Ohalo II. This site is famous for being one of the earliest and best preserved examples of a hunter-gatherer settlement.

The class were given several days to conceive a step by step plan for how to construct a hut as well as what materials and skills would be required.

We were able to get outside on Monday and Tuesday mornings, however as of writing, Wednesday, rain has now forced us to delay our project until tomorrow.

On Friday of this week, we will be visiting Togariishi Jomon Museum in Chino, Nagano. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you next week.

Until next time, take care✨




私たちが初めてブラシウッド・ハットに出会ったのは、Ohalo IIを見てからです。この遺跡は、狩猟採集民の集落の中で最も古く、最も保存状態が良い例として有名です。授業では、どのように小屋を建てるか、どのような材料や技術が必要かを段階的に考えました。