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Grade 4 – More folktales

This week I went out to mill rice. We were taught how to do it and it was great to see how they communicated with each other and split up to work on it. They also collected a lot of rice husks because they would be used as fertiliser for the Grade1’s field. This week, G4 students proved by their behaviour that they are both communicators and caring.

At the UOI, teams mainly discussed scripting and movement ideas for the performance day play. Again, they showed good communication and a willingness to listen to and incorporate everyone’s opinions.

The week was very relaxed. And the G4 students have been on a reading binge recently. They can often be seen during lunchtime reading new books from the library or quietly working on assignments. We also have the highest book loan rate in the school by far. They also request a lot of books, which makes the librarian very happy.

Have a wonderful weekend!