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Grade 2 – Pétanque Game with Shiga Community/ Christmas Show Presentation/ 1st ISN House System Meeting (Lion Club)

Good day to our dear parents.

These past few weeks, we had lots of activities we enjoyed doing. First, we did “Pétanque  Game” in Shiga area together with the elderly people in the community, headed by Mr. Terry. He introduced us to her mom and the leader of the group. The team leader explained the rules of the game and taught us on how to play it. The basic rules of the game as what we remembered are the following: first, you need to stand in the starting line and roll/throw the target ball within the playing court. Second, once you have this target ball in the area, both teams take turn to roll the ball closer to it. The team who got the ball closer to the target takes turn first and has a chance to earn points. At the end of the game, the team with the most numbers of balls within the target area will earn points until they reach the target points and declared as the winner.

We had our ISN’s 1st House System Meeting. The agendas of the meeting for the house of lion were the following:

  1. members had their getting to know each other activity and they did this through a simple introduction of students in the group
  2. members also discussed their expectations about the club.

We were asked by the school to be a guest performer in the Shimauchi pre-school Christmas show this coming 14th of December. This means that we will be performing twice. One is on December 14th and the other one is on December 17th for our own Christmas presentation with the elementary classes. We already sorted the costumes to be used in the said event. So far, the available costumes that we have in the school are Squirrel (with complete set), Dog (complete set), Fox (complete set), Rooster (complete set), Horse (incomplete set), and Rabbit (incomplete set).

Until next time for more updates next week! See you.





12月14日に行われる島内キャンパスのクリスマスショーにゲストとして出演することになりました。つまり、私たちは2回出演することになります。一つは12月14日、もう一つは12月17日、小学校のクラスと一緒に自分たちのクリスマス発表会を行います。この発表会で使用する衣装は、すでに整理してあります。 今のところ、リス、犬、キツネ、にわとりの衣装は揃い、馬、ウサギの一部の衣装が用意されています。

来週もまた更新しますので、次回まで! それではまた。