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Christmas Show Presentation

Good day to our dear parents.

Today’s blog is about one of our student’s last day in Grade-2 and the Christmas show presentation update. One of our classmate, who is from Brasil, needs to go back home for a while for a family vacation. She has lots of good characteristics but the most unforgettable things about her is that she is friendly, helpful and honest. Honestly, her attitude changed our story. We thought that we could guide and uplift her spirit because she is new in town but apparently it was the other way around. Her joyful spirit united us.

With regard to our Christmas show presentation, we need to work on our costumes and the script so we can move forward with our practice . As of now, the following characters need to be changed because the costumes are unavailable. So donkey was changed to reindeer, dog to squirrel, hamster to bear, and frog to dog. We made adjustments with the characters of master and the robbers in the play for some reasons. For two weeks of preparation, we first focused on the memorization of the script, stage movements (blocking), and proper facial expression for the play. We are almost close to reaching our goal because of everyone’s cooperation. For next week, our plan is to polish our costumes and get ready with our props. Until next time, see you!